Egle Gelaziute-Petrauskiene


Egle Gelaziute-Petrauskiene

Eglė Gelažiūtė-Petrauskienė

Artist/Illustrator, UK, Stafford/Vilnius, Lithuania

Professional experience:
Since 1992 illustrations for more than 30 children, young adult and adult books, illustrations for book covers, magazine illustrations, book design.
I use watercolour and watercolour pencil, ink, pen, pencils. Then combine drawings in the computer using digital pencil and digital brushes and photos.
I also create graphic art, monoprints; they allow me capturing the moment almost as photography does and gives me chance to turn my half digital study into old fashioned graphic workshop.
My inspiration are my friends, their stories, my kids and our journeys, old tales and songs, ancient books, letters on paper, old vases and castles, fairy tales and celebrations, new high scraping cities, slow rivers, woods, all changing and staying the same at the same time.

Born in Lithuania.
since 2003 Member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association.
Member of The Association of Illustrators (AOI)

8 Solo exhibitions.

Some elected group exhibitions:
2015 Sharjah Childrens Reading Festival, SA
2014 Staffordshire OPEN ART, Shire Hall gallery
2014 Picture Book Quadrennial, RIGA; illustrations for ‘Egle, queen of serpents’
2014 Le Centre André François, PARIS; illustrations
Lithuania & Stasys L’Homme Cent têtes
2013 ‘Sinhronija’, traveling contemporary lithuanian art collection, Netherlands, USA
2011 Bologna, Children book fair, Lithuanian selected exhibition, illustrations
2006 CAC, Vilnius – united exhibition
2005 Bratislava, 20’th biennale of illustrations
2003 CAC, Vilnius – Lithuanian Graphic’03, prints
2001 Gallery “Vartai”, Vilnius LT – “Floor, Wall, And Ceiling” , monoprints
2001 Public space art project Vilnius LT,
2001 Bratislava, Slovakia – 18th biennale of illustrations
1999 Artists’ Apartments in Vilnius “Apartment 99”
1999 Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius – Laboratory “Sound and Image”, slide installation “Some kind of morning uneasiness”
1997 Vilnius – video installation, Musica Ficta
1996 Former Yugoslavia 4th miniatures exhibition
1995 Gallery “Vartai”, Vilnius ArtGenda’96
1994 Gallery “Szypka”, Brno, Czech Republic –

2014 Staffordshire OPEN ART, Shire Hall gallery; monotype (Third prize)
2005 Diploma for the illustrations to S. Geda book for children “Pelytė Sidabrytė” (Little Silver Mouse), Baltos lankos, Competition “The Most Beautiful Books of 2004”
2001 Diploma for the book “Maldos iš Nojaus arkos” (Prayers from Noah’s Ark), Vilnius Art Academy prize, Competition “The Most Beautiful Books of 2000”
2000 Most Artistic Illustrations Award for the book B.Kemuon’s “Melų diena” (Day of Lies), International Association of Children’s Books in Lithuania
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  • sketchy illustration
  • mixed media illustration


  • Drawing
  • hand drawing
  • photoshop
  • illustrator
  • indesign